• Matthew Carroll

Starting and Running a Small Business is Tough Stuff!

DO NOT let anyone tell you otherwise! Are we all working 90 hour weeks? Absolutely not. Are we all making an easy 6-figures? Absolutely not. Have we all lost our minds? ... Eehhh maybe.

In all seriousness there are small business owners who are working LONG weeks. There are owners who are making 6-figures. (Notice the lack of the word easy) and there are very few owners who have lost their minds.

Let’s start with the hours. Personally, my hours are all over the place. I promise you I have put in 70 hour weeks. (although they are becoming much more rare) And I have worked 30 hours weeks. (also rare) The main thing to remember about being an owner is that you are married to your business. It’s your baby. You never quite get to clock out like you may have been able to do in the past. Ultimately, it is up to each owner to determine the hours they are comfortable with.

6-figures… I love hearing people say “I never did it for the money.” BULL! Who wants to take on MUCH more responsibility and never thought about the money? With all these people not doing it for the money there seems to be very few Mother-Teresa’s walking around. HOWEVER, you cannot fake it to making 6 figures. As a business owner you do indeed have to love what you do, as Gary Vaynerchuk  says “you’ve gotta love the game”. If you fake it, your customers, clients, patients, etc will see right through you. You will burn out and you will fade away back to the old 9-5. Owning a business is also not to be thought of as a get rich quick scheme. It takes tunnel like vision to keep the train on the tracks. Hard work and perseverance are two of the main ingredients. 

Are we losing our minds? I think not. Although there have been many times when I ask “Wow, I left a perfectly good job with good pay and work life balance. I must be out of my mind!” Being an entrepreneur is a tough gig. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply downplaying its difficulty. It can be lonely. At times I do think I am a bit crazy but if you look around, that is just what society tells you. So hey, if crazy is what it takes then crazy I shall be!

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